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What is me & my commUnity?

me & my commUnity, created by Diane Meiller & Associates, Inc., is a three-part mentoring program offering the opportunity for young women to work with business and community leaders to solve current community issues. As part of this program, participants learn making a difference in their community can also make a difference in themselves. They will have the opportunity to better understand their personal strengths and how leveraging those strengths can lead to success. In addition, leaders and faculty members from Valencia College share basics on what to expect in college and sources of financial aid.

How does me & my commUnity work?

  • Orientation

    Session I

    This 2-hour session provides an opportunity for the young women to learn more about the program and what to expect during the program.

  • Problem Solving Workshop

    Session II

    The workshop is an all-day session during which each team and mentor develop a solution to resolve a current community issue.

  • Me and My Future

    Session III

    A half-day program focusing on each participant's future educational opportunities.

  • Me and My Career

    Session IV

    A half-day program still under development focusing on each participant's future career choices.

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What Our Students Say

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